Climate neutral bus tours

If you prefer a climate neutral bus tour, the GreenLine Hotels, with the collaboration of ClimatePartner, a leading supplier of climate protection solutions, are the best choice.

Contribute to environmental protection – we are your perfect partner.

Your contribution for environmental protection

Increasingly extreme weather conditions and climate effects, melting glaciers, frequent droughts and floods - the climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st. century.

Tour operators also bear responsibility

In the first step it is necessary to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using environmentally friendly vehicles and by choosing sustainable accommodation. However not all emissions can be avoided. But they can be compensated by climate protection projects.

Climate protection project

By booking climate neutral bus tours you compensate the amount of carbon dioxide, which arise from journey and accommodation. Thereby you support a climate protection project, which is certified by international standards and could not be realized without your contribution. This project demonstrably saves carbon dioxide and will be examined by unrelated third parties.

Ensure compensation

At the moment we are supporting the climate protection project hydropower in Renun, Indonesia, which saves 230.000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Here you can find more information about this project...

The ClimatePartner identification label with the ID-Number 12005-1602-1001 proves the compensated carbon dioxide emissions. Click here for detailed information:

Advantage of climate neutral bus tours:

  • Contribution to sustainable development
    Investments in the future: by supporting climate protection projects you contribute to technology transfer and sustainable development in developing and emerging countries.
  • Credibility
    Our climate protection projects are examined by unrelated third parties and the correctness of the compensation process is certified by the TÜV-Austria.
  • Effective climate protection
    Your contribution will be implemented: the amount of carbon dioxide emission caused by your journey will be compensated
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